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New School Launch: King's Christian Academy

Renewanation is offering our most advanced level of service to launch a new Christian school in Roanoke, VA. Coming alongside Parkway House of Prayer Church, we are providing a Renewanation coach, Jessica Robb, as a full-time head of school for the first year. In the first 12 months, Jessica, who has launched a very large school in the past, will lead the launch of KCA and will train the permanent head of school.

As of right now, KCA will likely enroll 150 plus students this fall. At Renewanation, we are fully committed to launching new biblical worldview schools so that many children will have the opportunity to develop a biblical worldview and will then be used by God to transform our troubled culture.

You can find out more about KCA by contacting Jessica Robb at or call Christy Burke in the school office at 540-982-0115.


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