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Merry Xmas!

By Jeff Keaton

Merry X-mas! If you think like I do, you’ve already wondered, “Why in the world did he leave Christ out of Christmas?” I did it just to get your attention.

For many years now, a secular minority has been on a mission to eradicate Christ from Christmas. I have never understood their logic since taking Christ out of Christmas is about as impossible as taking apples out of apple pie. Without Christ, there would be no Christmas.

This small minority has lobbied department stores and threatened businesses of every kind. Because of this pressure, some stores no longer sell Christmas trees; they sell holiday trees. In some places it’s rare to see the words, “Merry Christmas.” The scrooges of Christmas are happy to promote other religious holidays such as Kwanzaa or Hanukkah but are absolutely opposed to anything that has to do with Christ. They have succeeded in threatening away manger scenes from city property and children in many public schools can no longer sing, “Joy to the World” or “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

As Christians we have sat back and allowed the ACLU and others to strip Christmas of its meaning one lawsuit at a time. Their argument about the separation of church and state is built on pure falsehood. Thomas Jefferson spent government money to establish a Christian church in the capital and our founding fathers used government money to help establish Christian churches throughout America. They also directed our first public schools to use the Bible as a primary textbook. However, the thought police of our day have twisted the American mind into believing that any mention of Christ in a public setting is somehow unconstitutional.

What can be done to take back some of the lost territory from the secular bullies of our day?

First, we need to stop accepting their premise that America is a secular nation and that any mention of God or especially Jesus is somehow worthy of a lawsuit. Thankfully, God has now raised up a great group of Christian Law Associations that will defend, at no cost, the rights of anyone who chooses not to bow down to the threats of the ACLU and their cronies.

Second, we can join together to promote non-government funded, Christian education where the truth about Christmas and the Christ of Christmas can be freely taught to the children of America. Right now, Renewanation is making this kind of education possible in America. Children in Renewanation schools are singing the Christmas carols and re-enacting the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth. Better yet, our Renewanation teachers are telling the story of hope and salvation that Jesus came into this world to save all humanity from sin and evil.

If we sit back and do nothing, someday our grandchildren will live in a completely secular and godless nation. However, if we will be courageous and do what is necessary to provide a Christian worldview education to the masses, we can change the future for our children and grandchildren.

If you’re tired of feeling helpless and if you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines watching America careen away from what made her great, I challenge you to join the cause of Renewanation. I challenge you to offer your wisdom, work and wealth so that we can give millions of American children a tuition free, Christian worldview education.

Editor’s note: The writer is aware that the use of the letter X was used by early Christians to represent Christ and avoid persecution. However, modern American culture has simply used it to take Christ out of Christmas.

Volume 1 Issue 2 - The Renewanation Review


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