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Karen Pence & Christian Schools

In the last couple of weeks, the media went into a frenzy when they learned our Vice-President’s wife, Karen, would be teaching at an evangelical Christian school. This school, like most evangelical schools, maintains high biblical standards for all who teach there. These standards include strong statements about the kind of sexual behavior that is acceptable: only sexual activity between a husband and wife. You would have thought that Mrs. Pence had signed on to teach at a school that killed children. The new sexual orthodoxy that has been embraced by the cultural elites in the USA has become the standard by which to judge a person’s goodness and acceptability to culture. The greatest sin one can commit in this new era is the sin of failing to accept every deviant behavior one can imagine.

All of this goes back to a skewed, unbiblical worldview. Tolerance of almost any type of behavior is the greatest virtue in our lost culture. However, the cultural elites practice complete intolerance for anyone who disagrees with them. Since this group of people holds to no ultimate standard of morality, it is highly likely that if they ever gain enough power, they will put law to their hatred for biblical morality, and Christian institutions, businesses, and individuals will be punished for their lack of conformance. If we ever needed a revival of the biblical worldview, we need it today.

For those of you working in Christian schools and churches, stand strong! God has raised you up for a day like this! In the most loving way possible, keep teaching children God’s truth, and He will bless and multiply your efforts in ways only eternity can reveal.


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