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Impacting Kids by Challenging Parents

Who said parents don’t care?

In a benefit banquet recently hosted by RENEWANATION for an affiliate school, the audience was challenged to invest in their most precious possessions – their kids.

Sharp contrasts were made between secular and Christian education, with focus on what kids are being taught today and the influence of that teaching. They were reminded that by losing their child’s mind to an anti-Christ agenda, their soul and that of the nation was being lost.

The audience responded enthusiastically that night. But the real impact came the next morning when a lady who had been waiting tables that night called the affiliate school to make an appointment to enroll her children. Two weeks later she did. Today her children are enrolled in a Christian school.

Why? Because she loves her kids and cares about the influence of their education!

Like many parents in America today, this good mother had no idea what was really at stake as she put her kids on the bus every day. Neither did she know that there were alternatives to public education that were far better for her children.

RENEWANATION is committed to the vision of offering every child a Christian worldview. Part of that vision is to help parents find better solutions for their children.

Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”


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