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Graduate Program Scholarship Opportunity

Renewanation - in conjunction with Covenant College and as the result of a generous donation - is offering a significant scholarship towards the completion of a Master of Education degree. Current Christian school administrators, as well as future candidates for Christian school leadership, are encouraged to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to further their education at a fraction of market cost. This scholarship will be awarded to a very limited number of quality candidates.

Covenant College, an academically rigorous, biblically-grounded college in Lookout Mountain, GA, offers a Master of Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership (EL) or Integrated Curriculum and Instruction (ICI). This program, designed specifically for educators seeking an advanced degree, provides a unique opportunity to combine off- and on-campus study for a robust educational experience. Each course consists of three phases: pre-campus registration and coursework, on-campus summer sessions, and post-campus projects, exams, and research.

Interested in this exciting opportunity to further your education?


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