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Comprehensive Sex-Education Bill Will Ban Abstinence-Only Education

By Jeff Keaton

The new sexual orthodoxy that is being passed into law around the USA will soon cause Christian parents to make big new decisions about education. Beyond that, if we fail to stand against this, it will cost Christians the freedom to practice their faith openly in the years to come.

In Canada, where I have spoken many times over the last few years, I am regularly asked to avoid the subject of homosexuality. The new sexual orthodoxy has become so pervasive in Canada that many churches and schools will no longer take a stand against the LGBTQ agenda for fear of government or parental backlash. We must wake up and stop pretending that the tolerance movement is tolerant. They are quick to pass new laws to punish those who disagree with them. Usually, they pass “hate” laws that seem nice on the surface but eventually serve to crush dissent.

May God give us love and wisdom in dealing with the encroaching darkness. May He also send a new great awakening to our world.


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