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Businessmen Serving Jesus With Distinction

By Melvin Adams

Your common sense, intentional influence, and huge investment … is critical to the health of the Church and our nation.

Do you remember Joe the Plumber? He became a media sensation when he brought the basic common sense he learned as a businessman into a political debate that seriously needed it. Reality is, there are many “Joes” and other great men and women out there who have a lot to give and may give a lot, but are often overlooked or lost in the crowd. In The Renewanation Review, we try to highlight businessmen and women who are making a difference in the cause of Christ by helping to offer children a Christian worldview. We do it to inspire your imagination to what you can do. We also want to help you recognize those around you who are investing in ways you may not have noticed before. As you do, make sure you express appreciation.

Well Known Joes

The Bible mentions several “Joes,” people who made a difference and actually got their story told!

• There is Joseph the nomadic herdsman who became Egypt’s Prime Minister, who not only saved his people; he essentially fed the nations. (Genesis & Exodus)

• There is Joseph the carpenter and husband of Mary, who trusted God with Mary’s radical conception and took on the task of being an earthly father to Jesus the Christ. (Matthew, Luke, John)

• There is Joseph, called Barsabas, who was a follower of Christ and was so well thought of, he was runner up in the selection of men chosen to take the place of Judas the betrayer. (Acts)

Less Known Joe

Then there is Joseph of Arimathea, one whose story is less known, but who was such a significant follower of Jesus and helper to His cause that each writer of the gospel books mentions him! We learn that he was rich and that he had direct access to Pilate, the top ruler in the land. (Matthew 27)

He was a member of the Jewish Council, a body of significance in determining what happened in the community. (Mark 15) He was good and just, and did not consent to the decision and action of the Jewish Council in condemning Jesus to death. He helped to take Jesus’ body off the cross, wrap it in cloth, and put it in the grave he had prepared for himself. (Luke 23) He experienced fear because he knew what the Jews were capable of doing to him because he was not in agreement with them. (John 19)

But get this: in each gospel we learn that Joseph was the man who, when all the others fled, was bold enough to step forward and put everything on the line in order to serve Jesus. He was the one who went to the top, in spite of his fear, and asked for and took care of the body of Jesus! Wow! Joseph was uniquely able to do something that no one else there could do. He brought his common sense and influence into a situation that desperately needed it. Today, men and women are still needed who are engaged in business and completely sold out to serving the kingdom of Christ. There are many worthy causes in His kingdom, but none produce more fruit than investing in the hearts and minds of children. Your common sense, intentional influence, and huge investment is needed to offer today’s children a Christian world- view. It is critical to the health of the Church and our nation. Be a Joseph!

Volume 5 Issue 1 - The Renewanation Review


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