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America’s Children Held Hostage By Power of Ideas

What constitutes a good and thorough education? It seems the answer to this question changes based on who is promoting the agenda.

For centuries, education in America was built around instruction that centered around a study of scripture and the New England Primer. It was expanded with studies in mathematics, science, history, government, and artistic and literary classics.

In recent times though the focus of education has been shifting in significant ways. With more and more federal control in our schools, we are seeing a corresponding increase in what is considered essential education for the rising generation.

For one author’s observation on current trends, read here.

While it can be argued that all learning has potential for some positive value, we believe that education in America is increasingly off track. The education being offered in our nations’ classrooms is without doubt part of a larger worldview agenda. Our children are the victims of much more than mad men taking out their anger with guns. They are being systematically taken hostage through the power of ideas, ideas often in stark contrast to those held by their parents and communities.

RENEWANATION promotes the importance of offering every child a Christian worldview education.


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