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Welcome Dr. Sonny Sherrill to our School Coaching Team

We are honored to announce that Dr. Sonny Sherrill, the founder and Superintendent Emeritus of North Raleigh Christian Academy, will be joining our school coaching team this summer. Dr. Sherrill launched North Raleigh Christian Academy 23 years ago and has led the school to a high level of effectiveness. Today, NRCA is giving more than 1,400 students a biblical worldview education. Dr. Sherrill has a passion to help Christian schools reach a peak level of operational and missional success.

If you have been thinking about engaging with our school revitalization program, now is an excellent time as we will be accepting several new schools into the program this fall. Currently, we are revitalizing 20 schools across America and will now have the ability to add about seven more to our workload. To learn more about this highly impactful program of revitalization, contact Ron Gordon at


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