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Volunteer with Renewanation

As a Renewanation volunteer, you can honor God and help promote, support, and expand the cause of biblical worldview education. Applying your unique talents will serve to impact cultural transformation. You can choose from volunteer positions that match your interests, offer flexible scheduling, and allow you to learn new skills. Perhaps as you read this God is speaking to you about ways you can get involved. If that is the case, we invite you to join us and discover how rewarding it is to be a Renewanation volunteer.

Current Volunteer Opportunities


If you are task-oriented, enjoy customer service, and like working in a friendly office environment then volunteering in a clerical capacity may be a good fit for you. Volunteer duties in this area can range from tasks such as data entry, research, being part of a calling group, making copies, proofreading, assembling mass mailings and scheduling appointments.


Event opportunities are often available in the following areas:

  • Donor Events

  • Conferences

  • Hospitality


Volunteer positions in this area have one important thing in common: they are grounded in exceptional customer service. Whether you are preparing meals, greeting guests at one of our events, or providing information, it’s all a part of working to ensure those we come in contact with feel welcome and cared for.

Education and Advocacy

Are your a retired or financially independent teacher or administrative educator who has the desire to put your expertise to use in the area of coaching a new school startup or revitalization effort? If so, we’d love to talk to you.

Online and Social Media

If using a computer or sharing information on social media is your niche then this may be the right fit for you. In this volunteer area, you would use your online and social media skills to share important messages – such as information about Christian Education advocacy, our scholarship programs and special events.

For more information, please contact Judy Ralph at 1-855-TO-RENEW.

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