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Seminars & Conferences

Single Seminars,

Conferences, and Sermons

Equip pastors, parents, and grandparents to make disciples with a biblical worldview.

  • Learn to apply the gospel to your marriage, parenting,
    and grandparenting.

  • Build confidence to have key conversations with your
    family about critical topics from a biblical perspective.

  • Receive resources to help you teach the core truths of
    the Christian faith.

  • Learn practical ways you can replace culture’s influence with biblical truth.

  • Glean ideas to help your children or grandchildren mature in faith.

  • Interact with a talented lineup of pastors, speakers, and family ministry experts.

  • Learn how to lead family devotions.

  • Connect with other parents and grandparents for encouragement and support.

  • Gain vision to be an intentional parent or grandparent
    and impact the faith of your family for eternity.

Biblical Grandparenting Conference

What is the role of a grandparent? While the world tells you it’s time to retire and relax, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and leave a lasting heritage for you family that will bless generations to come.


In the Biblical Grandparenting Conference, Dr. Josh Mulvihill unpacks culture’s misleading messages about grandparenting, provides a biblical overview of the role of grandparents, and shares groundbreaking research that will give you a vision to impact the next generation for Christ. In addition, you will be given practical methods to disciple your grandchildren and navigate your place in the family.


Help grandparents discover how with a Biblical Grandparenting Conference. Available as a single seminar, full day conference, multi-day conference, or preaching in Sunday services.

  • Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents

  • Discipling Grandchildren:

8 Spiritual Practices Every Grandparent Can Do.

  • Gospel Shaped Grandparenting:

5 Statements that Can Transform Your Family.

Biblical Parenting Seminars

What is the goal of parenting? The world encourages parents to raise happy, healthy kids, but the Bible encourages us to nurture the faith of children so they treasure Christ. Dr. Josh Mulvihill will teach you how to develop a biblical foundation to reach and disciple your children to maturity in Christ.


  • Five Marks of a Disciple-Making Family: 2 Cor. 3:10-17 provides key principles for firm belief and being equipped to serve Christ.

  • Family Worship: How to read the Bible, sing, and pray with your family.

  • Biblical Discipline: How to discipline for discipleship.

  • Why Worldview Matters: How to help your children develop deep roots and defend their faith.

  • Core Truths: Critical conversations to build lifelong faith.

  • The Big Story: Teach children the Bible in five words.

  • How to Prepare Children for Marriage, Dating, Purity, and Sex: Five truths every child must learn.

  • Additional seminars available such as Why Have Children, Parenting with a Biblical Plan, Navigating Public Education, and more.

Other Resources

Family Ministry Revitalization

Consulting and coaching for children,

youth, family ministry to help you maximize

your reach and impact.

Biblical Worldview Resources

Ten Bible-based, Christ-centered resources to equip you to have spiritual conversations and teach biblical truths in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

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