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School Engagement

The vision of Renewanation is to see culture transformed by giving millions of children a Christian worldview education. Christian schools are on the front lines in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children. We support Christian schools in their mission to teach children biblical truth. But we also need your partnership to expand and promote the cause of Christian worldview education.

Here are seven ways Christian schools can partner with Renewanation to promote the cause:

1. Tell your church and other Christian schools about Renewanation.

2. Make The Renewanation Review magazine available to your parents and teachers. This magazine will help you make the case for Christian education and encourage teachers in their efforts.


3. Foster unity between Christian schools and homeschool groups in your community. Christian schools should only be in competition with each other on the athletic field. We need to unite behind our shared goal of reaching kids for Christ through biblical worldview education.


4. Host biblical worldview training programs for teachers in your community. In order for teachers to teach from a biblical perspective, they must each have a biblical worldview. Click here to learn more about Renewanation’s biblical worldview training camps for teachers and students.


5. Encourage your teachers and administrators to attend conferences and seminars that will challenge them and help them develop students who are committed followers of Jesus Christ.


6. Host a Christian Education Fair and invite other Christian schools and homeschool groups so families in your community can see the options available to them.

7. Revitalize your Christian school. Renewanation has developed a Christian School Revitalization Program to partner with schools that are either struggling or have a passion to improve and grow.

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