The REAP Program

Renewanation Educators Advancement Program

Cultivating Biblical Worldview Immersive Education

Over the last decade, our team at Renewanation has been striving to better understand how to help teachers and schools grasp what it means to immerse every subject and school activity in biblical worldview. We are excited to introduce you to REAP, our new program for teacher and school development. We are confident this training will help your teachers and schools move from theory to practice through:

Multiple in-person equipping conferences per year in different regions of the U.S.

Online monthly training sessions (August-November and January-April) include all this and more:

  • Teaching STEM Biblically

  • Meeting Every Student’s Learning Needs

  • Textbooks Are Tools Not Tethers

  • The Criticality of Biblical Worldview Course Contextualization

  • Biblical Worldview Immersion Lesson Plan Support


Curriculum and instruction coaching will help you as you work to build a school that produces young

men and women who love Christ and possess a world-changing, biblical worldview.

REAP Conference

Stay tuned for our 2022 Conference Dates 

Manderley Christian Camp & Conference Center

Pikeville, Tennessee

Dr Roger Erdvig.jpg

Expert biblical worldview presenters

Inspirational worship services

Informative & practical workshops

Relaxation in a beautiful setting

Dedicated times for team building, strategic renewal, & staff renewal

Registration: $249 (includes lodging, meals, & training)

Early Bird Registration: $199 through April 30, 2022


For more info, please contact:

Tonya Gordon (REAP Director)   |  540-890-8900

Judy Ralph  |  540-890-8900