The majority of America’s children spend five days a week, seven hours a day, in schools that are not teaching them the truth about origins, economics, American history, sexuality, gender, the purpose for living, God, and the Bible. Children are being misled every single day and the consequences are disastrous. The Rescue Kit will help you gain a biblical vision for education, understand what children are learning in public school classrooms, and equip you with biblical guidance to make a wise school choice.


The Rescue Kit contains:

  • 30 minute coaching call: Talk one-on-one with an experienced educational consultant about your educational questions and concerns. Learn more about excellent educational alternatives for your family. Discuss anything that would be helpful in your family’s educational journey.
  • Kingdom Education: Gain a biblical vision for education by exploring biblical principles in this fantastic book by Dr. Glen Schultz.
  • Biblical Worldview: Dr. Josh Mulvihill’s book will help you understand what biblical worldview is, why it matters, and how to shape the beliefs of your child. Education is never religiously neutral and this book will help you raise your children with a lifelong faith in Jesus.
  • Curriculum Edition of The Review magazine. Learn what your children are taught by examining specific examples of public school curriculum in all subject areas.
  • Two latest editions of The Review magazine. Dozens of articles from different authors about the importance of Christian worldview education.
  • Homeschool Starter Kit: A 17-part video series to help first time homeschool parent’s gain clarity and confidence to home educate. Each video is 5-15 minutes in length. If you are considering home education, this series will be helpful for you.
  • Biblical Guidance to Make a Wise Christian School Choice: A tool parents can use to evaluate schools from a biblical perspective. Use the form to take notes when you interview staff, take a school tour, or as a starting point to create your own list of questions.


Perfect for individuals, parents who are evaluating their child’s education, families exploring education for the first time, or for anyone who would like to know more about Christian education. The Rescue Kit will provide all the tools you need to help you make a wise school choice.

Rescue Kit