The Biblical Worldview Toolkit provides Bible-based, Christ-centered resources to help families, churches, and schools intentionally teach the next generation key truths of Scripture. The toolkit includes six books, one magazine, two DVDs, and a CD. The toolkit will equip you to integrate biblical truth into your home and impress God’s word into young hearts.

Biblical Worldview Toolkit

  • The following are in the Biblical Worldview Toolkit:

    1. Big Beliefs by David Helm: A great book to introduce children to the big truths of Scripture in bite-sized chunks. Great for family devotions in 99 servings, each with discussion questions. 
    2. Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side by Natasha Crain: Provides 40 apologetic conversations that every parent and grandparent should have with children to help build lasting faith.
    3. Science Confirms the Bible DVD by Ken Ham: Tackles the biggest creation/evolution questions that teens ask. Humorous, practical, and biblical. Great for church, home, or school. 
    4. Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias: Helps teenagers understand how Christianity differs from all world religions and teaches that Jesus is who he says he is. Great for all teens!
    5. Preparing Children for Marriage by Josh Mulvihill: Equips you to teach God’s good design for marriage, dating, sex, and purity to children and youth. Great for families, churches, and schools.
    6. The Answers Book for Kids, Vol. 1 by Ken Ham: Contains biblical answers to twenty difficult questions grade schoolers ask about creation and the Garden of Eden. Popular book with kids!
    7. Evolution vs. God DVD: Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists at top universities. Listen to the most compelling evidence for evolution and see how it falls short.
    8. What Does the Bible Say About That? by Kevin Swanson: A workbook for grade school students that teaches them creation, ethics, family, church, government, and more. Excellent book!
    9. The Renewanation Review Magazine by Renewanation: Helps you understand the impact of education on the spiritual life of young people. Great resource for every Christian school.
    10. Big Story CD by Josh Mulvihill: This CD will help you teach children biblical worldview and core doctrines of the Christian faith using music. Great for the car, home, or as a gift.