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Your School Will Benefit Greatly From This!

We have just rolled out our speaking roster and list of session topics for this summer’s Biblical Worldview Training Events. We received many great responses from those who attended last year’s events. Perhaps one of the most significant responses came from a board member of a school that brought all of their teachers and administrators. This school drove more than 500 miles round trip to attend our camp. Several months after the camp and well into this school year, this board member told us that our biblical worldview training camp had changed the entire atmosphere of their school. If you would like to get your school year off to a great start and help your teachers think more biblically, these camps can help you make that happen! Click here to see the speakers and sessions and to register. We are still offering a $1,000 travel bonus to the first ten organizations that bring 25 or more. Some of these are already spoken for, but we may still have one for you. If you are a smaller school but can vanpool with another small school and come up with 25 registrants, we will consider extending this offer to you as well.


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