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Worldviews Have Consequences! 500 Christian Churches Close – 423 Mosques Open

In this article, we read of the desperate plight of Christianity in England. Hundreds of churches are closing while hundreds of mosques are opening. Why? Over the last 100 plus years, Christianity became nothing more than a lifeless, former religion in England. As secularism became the dominant way of thinking, Christianity and the Bible have become relics from the past. The takeover of secularism has left a huge spiritual vacuum. Into this vacuum have come the Muslims. Within a few decades Islam will likely rule most of Europe. If we hope to avoid this same plight in the USA, we need to be diligent to foster a vibrant Christian faith in the hearts and minds of our children. 

Currently, 50 million American children are being trained to believe the lies of secularism in secular schools. Statistics show us that the millennial generation and those who are following no longer believe the Bible or the cardinal tenets of Christianity. 

At Renewanation, we are working to see a million new children developing a biblical worldview by 2029. God is helping us as more and more people join our cause and help us seize the amazing opportunities before us.


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