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Truth for Our Children Conference

We recently had the honor to be a part of the “Truth for Our Children Conference” in Louisiana. Politicians, pastors, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens were all in the same room as Chuck Robb, our Director of Ministry Partnerships, shared about the mission of Renewanation. The purpose of the event was to awaken the community in south Louisiana to what is taking place in our government schools and to challenge them to take a stand against the most egregious issues.

Dr. Duke Pesta, a tenured professor from the University of Wisconsin who has spoken out against the common core agenda since its inception, brought extreme clarity to the discussion. He zeroed in on the socialistic agenda that is being promoted in most government schools as well as the hyper-sexualization of children in elementary schools across America. Once Dr. Pesta finished explaining the crisis, Chuck Robb shared in detail how Renewanation is seeing thousands of new children began the process of developing a biblical worldview by inspiring and equipping the family, church, and school. Parents and grandparents left this event motivated to get more involved in their children’s education and to ensure that they will not be led astray by the false teachings that permeate education today.

If you are looking for resources to better equip you to give the children in your care a biblical worldview, contact us today at


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