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Renewanation Presents Mission at Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter

Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis Founder) and Jeff Keaton (Renewanation Founder, CEO & President)

Renewanation CEO and Founder, Jeff Keaton, Dr. Josh Mulvihill of Church and Family Ministry, and Communications Specialist Emily Schneider attended a Biblical Worldview Conference hosted by BJU Press at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Jeff was able to share Renewanation’s heart and vision to influence the next generation to develop a biblical worldview as well as share his thoughts on the characteristics of a vibrant school. During the visit, Jeff introduced Dr. Josh Mulvihill for the first time at a public event as the new Director of Church and Family Ministry.

In addition to speaking to a number of Christian school leaders at the BJU Press event, Jeff was also invited to share a devotional with the Answers in Genesis staff during their regular staff meeting Thursday morning. After sharing in the Word with the AiG staff, Dr. Ken Ham, Founder of Answers in Genesis, invited Jeff for a time of fellowship as they discussed their shared vision to see children develop a firm foundation in Christ. The partnership between Renewanation and Answers in Genesis first started in Spring 2017, when Renewanation was invited by AiG to coach Twelve Stones Christian Academy as they launched their first school year in August 2017.

Due to his generous hospitality and fervor to promote biblical worldview training for children, Ken Ham shared Renewanation’s mission on his public Facebook profile, exposing our organization to thousands of new audience viewers and increasing the awareness for our cause.


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