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Parents, What Will You Do?

Jeff Keaton

In my 52 years of life, I believe it would be accurate to say that we have never seen more parents questioning the educational choices for their children. COVID-19 has allowed parents to have their children at home, and it has also allowed them to see what their children are being taught.

These two things have created an awakening in the hearts of many parents across America. The godless, leftists ideologies that dominate non-Christian education today have led our nation to the point of complete disaster. Young people have literally “lost their minds” as a result of the falsehood they have been taught. There’s only one way to stop this slide towards total destruction, and that is to teach children, in very large numbers, the truth of God.

If you have your child in a non-Christian school, I urge you to reconsider. Now is the time to take action! No amount of money is too much to save the heart and mind of your child. If you would like some help in finding a good Christian school in your community, feel free to email us at If you’re looking to homeschool, check out our new online school at


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