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Parents Speak Out and Keep “God” in “God Bless the USA” Song

In a news flash today, Liberty Counsel reported:

“Today, fourth graders at Stall Brook Elementary School will be permitted to perform ‘God Bless the USA’ at their public school assembly, because people in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and around the country stood for common sense and the children’s First Amendment rights.

Originally, teachers replaced the phrase ‘God Bless the USA’ with ‘We Love the USA,’ in the song written by Lee Greenwood. After parents strongly voiced their disapproval, the school pulled the song from the itinerary altogether, but that did not sit well with the parents in Bellingham. People from around the country joined together to preserve our nation’s heritage, which this song embraces, and the school administrators put the song back into the agenda.

‘Intimidated by the American Civil Liberties Union or Freedom From Religion Foundation, the public square is becoming a haven for religious bigotry,’ said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. ‘As a nation, we are long overdue in demanding that our fundamental liberties be fully honored and protected,’ he continued. ‘These parents refused to be pushed around, and their children’s religious rights were protected.'”


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