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Is It Time?

Updated: May 23, 2018

By Jeff Keaton – Founder, CEO & President of Renewanation

On a regular basis, we hear from secular school, Christian administrators and teachers who are questioning whether or not it’s time to make a clean break from their efforts to reform and impact public education. Many of these men and women are life-long public school employees who know they have made a significant impact on the lives of parents and students in public education. And yet, more and more are questioning the value of their continued involvement. I received this email from a person who has been a public school employee/principal for over 30 years.

“If there was ever a time when we need God’s leadership in our nation, it is now. Ten years ago, if you told me that public schools indoctrinate their students in a sort of secular humanism, I would have disagreed with that statement. After all, I was hiring Christian teachers, I was in classes every day, I was talking with parents about my faith and philosophy of raising children, and I knew what was being taught in my classes. Having said this, the unprecedented moral decay that I have observed over the last seven years (under liberal federal leadership) has demonstrated to me that more than ever our country has absolutely turned its back on the Christian value system upon which it was founded. The doctrine of relativism is being preached. The idea that I should accept every chosen lifestyle as equally viable and that no teaching is more correct than another has allowed this rapid slide to occur with very little public backlash. When I first heard of your calling for Renewanation, I thought, that’s a great idea, probably overkill, probably not necessary, but a nice idea. This past year has convinced me I was wrong not to look at the school’s role more seriously. President Obama is able to shove his anti-biblical agenda through because not enough people believe the Bible is inerrant and our only source of truth. Our vulnerable youth need to know that truth is not dependent on what is right in their own eyes. Thank you for your work. Stay encouraged; keep your eye on the prize.”

If God has called you to work in public education, keep the faith and work to honor God in that arena. However, I challenge you to deeply consider the impact non-Christian education is having on our children. For more than 30 years, we have lost 80% of our kids to a non-Christian worldview. Now just might be the time to join the cause to give millions of new children a biblical worldview education.

Volume 9 Issue 1 - The Renewanation Review


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