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Changing Kids’ Lives!

By Jeff Keaton – Renewanation Founder, CEO & President

Last week I was privileged to visit one of our schools (Parkway Christian Academy) where we are providing scholarship funds for 17 children. They were gracious to host Judy Ralph and me at a special lunch with the students. What we found was a bunch of bubbly, excited kids who seemed to be having the time of their life in school.

One mother told me that this school and scholarship had totally changed her “special needs” daughter’s life. Her daughter came into the school behind and unable to read. Now she is reading! She talked about some of her daughter’s’ physical needs and how the teachers and students were accommodating these needs. She and her husband simply could not thank us enough for the scholarship we have provided.

I met another young boy whose parents are incarcerated. He is being raised by his grandmother and can only attend this Christian school because of our support. As I ate lunch with this young man, he told me that he wanted to grow up and be a preacher, pastor, or famous soccer player. His emotional intelligence was exceptional. Every time he spoke to me he called me by name and communicated in such a bright and clear way. I couldn’t help but think that through this young boy’s Christian education, he will be empowered to break the cycle that has landed his parents in prison.

As I mingled with all of these beautiful children, I was once again reminded of the powerful impact we are having on the lives of kids all across America. Thank you for partnering with us. Together, we are raising up a new generation of young men and women who will change the world for Christ.

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