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Beyond High School

By Tom Wilmoth

Josh Calhoun knows all about the benefits of receiving a scholarship through RENEWANATION.

Last year Calhoun was awarded the first RENEWANATION scholarship from Regent University, a full-ride offer that allowed him to begin taking classes this past fall at the school. “The experience has been great,” he states about his freshman year at the Virginia Beach school. “I’m getting used to living on my own.”

And the scholarship has been a big help.

Calhoun said it has allowed him to move past the stress of figuring out how to pay for school and concentrate, instead, on academics and extra-curricular activities.

“Everything’s going strong there,” he said of the academic side of college life. “And I’ve met a bunch of great people.”

A 2010 graduate of Parkway Christian Academy in Roanoke, Va., a scholarship review committee appointed by RENEWANATION selected Calhoun from a strong contingent of applicants to receive that first scholarship. That group should be even stronger this year as more schools have joined on as affiliate schools with RENEWANATION.

And there are more scholarships being offered. Regent University has again provided a $75,000 scholarship to a graduating senior with a RENEWANATION affiliate school and a four-year, full-ride scholarship has also been provided by Ohio Christian University. In addition, God’s Bible School and College is offering a full-tuition scholarship and Huntington University has also made available a generous scholarship for a graduating senior.

This is just one more way RENEWANATION is helping the students it serves at its affiliate schools.

Calhoun is thankful for the opportunity he received through the scholarship offer. And he’s taking full advantage of it. He was able to attend Regent’s inauguration of its new president, Dr. Carlos Campo, and he is currently serving in the school’s student government. Through that he is helping bring issues related to students in his government major to the attention of the entire student body.

Next year, Calhoun also plans to serve as a resident assistant in the school’s dorms. Of course, his academic work takes precedence.

“There have been some tough classes, but the Lord has helped me through,” Calhoun said. “(The scholarship) has allowed me to have a lot more time to study,” he said of not having the financial pressures some students face. “And it has allowed me to seek out a lot of other opportunities. It has taken away a lot of the stress and strain.”

Volume 3 Issue 2 - The Renewanation Review


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