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Church Engagement

There are several ways churches can help advance the cause of giving children a Christian/biblical worldview education. If there was ever a time when churches needed to get serious about instilling a biblical view of life in the hearts and minds of their children, now is that time. Kids are bombarded with unbiblical philosophy at school and through the never ending media sources at their fingertips. One or two hours a week of church/youth ministry is no longer getting the job done. A large majority of our church kids are walking away from the faith in adulthood.

If we hope to save the hearts and minds of our children, we must be aggressive in teaching them God’s truth. Here are 12 things every church can do to help their young people develop a biblical worldview.

1. Acknowledge that our present efforts are not enough.


2. Accept responsibility for the calling God has given us to train up children, so when they are old, they will not depart from the truth.

3. Adopt a biblical worldview training program that is used from pre-school through college. Learn more.

Embrace local Christian schools and homeschools and encourage families who choose these forms of K-12 education.

4. Start new Christian schools or help revive existing schools.

5. Open your facilities to homeschool groups and Christian schools.

6. Support groups that are reaching public school students through Christian clubs, Christian after-school programs, etc. or start a Christian after-school program.

7. Make Renewanation and Christian education a part of your missions focus.

8. Host Christian Education Sunday and invite speakers that will enlighten your congregation about the power of weekday Christian education.

9. Host a Christian Education Fair to give parents in your church an opportunity to meet with Christian school leaders and homeschool groups and see the educational options available to them.

10. Use Sunday School curriculum that combats the secular philosophy being taught to your public school students. Click here to see resources for Sunday School.

11. Make The Renewanation Review magazine available to your congregation.

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