Charitable Gift and Estate Planning

Renewanation believes there is no better investment we can make than giving the children of this generation a thoroughly biblical worldview education. As we work with Christian schools, Christian homeschool families, and churches that seek to provide biblical worldview training to their youth, we equip and strengthen our children to defend their faith and proclaim God’s truths in the communities in which they live.

Your giving enables Renewanation to regain ground in the culture war playing out in our society. Your support has provided resources and programs that have laid the foundation for future exponential impact. While thousands of children’s lives have been impacted for Christ over the past few years, God is leading us to a path where millions of children will gain the opportunity to develop a biblical worldview.

Options for Giving

Stock Donation

Donations of stock or other investment securities that have been held for more than a year can be eligible for a full market value tax-deduction including the avoidance of capital gains tax on any appreciated value. Understanding whether the value of securities have increased or decreased in value since they were purchased will be critical in understanding how best to donate.

Real Estate

Donations of real estate owned for more than a year may be eligible for a full market value tax-deduction including the avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciated value. Examples of real estate donations include business properties, rental properties, homes, and land that are both marketable and void of any environmental concerns.

Business Interest Donation

Gifts to Renewanation of partial or full interests in a business, inventory items, commodities or other business assets can provide substantial tax savings. For more information on your specific situation, please contact our office for additional details.

Retirement Assets

Tax-deferred retirement accounts such as 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing plans, and pension plans can be an excellent way of donating funds. If you are 59½ years or older and discover you have accumulated funds in excess of what will be needed for retirement, there is no tax penalty for gifting a portion of these assets today. Alternatively, you may consider designating Renewanation as the primary or contingent beneficiary of your retirement assets upon your death. This would allow you to maintain control of your retirement assets while living, but avoid both estate and income taxes upon your passing.

Wills and Estates

Naming Renewanation in your will or living trust provides you the opportunity to leave a legacy beyond your lifetime. This charitable gift allows you control over your assets while you are still alive.

For more information, please contact us toll-free at 1-855-TO-RENEW.