Ministry Partnerships

Renewanation's Ministry Partnerships are designed to give individuals and organizations who desire to advance the mission of Renewanation a meaningful pathway to make a significant impact. In order to see millions of new children developing a biblical worldview, Renewanation must have thousands of passionate partners who are willing to invest their time, energy, expertise and finances. We invite you to explore below the specific pathway God will have you join this great work.

There are five key opportunities offered for individuals and organizations to connect with the ministry of Renewanation:

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  • Receives bi-weekly emails with Renewanation prayer needs.

  • Participates in occasional video/conference calls for joint prayer efforts and celebration.


Share ​

  • Always be willing to tell people in your direct sphere of influence about the ministry of Renewanation.

  • Willing to use your social media influence to spread the word about Renewanation products and services.



  • Be willing to point parents, grandparents, pastors, and Christian educators in your immediate sphere of influence to the resources Renewanation provides.

  • Volunteer to assist with Renewanation projects or events in your area.  Areas of service range from mailing projects to guest services at one of our Camp events.


Promote the cause of giving children a biblical worldview

  • Grow your passion for biblical worldview by becoming a student of the subject.

  • Read at least two recommended books each year. Recommendations will come from Renewanation not from an outside source.

  • Participate in other training opportunities provided by Renewanation.


Present the ministry of Renewanation​

  • Engage in training that will equip you to help people understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Renewanation in individual, small group or large group settings.

  • Develop a deep understanding of all the programs and services Renewanation provides so you can present them in thorough and convincing ways.

  • Eagerly seek opportunities to connect Christian leaders and organizations to the work of Renewanation.

Provide - Promote and distribute our resources to key people and organizations in your community

  • Participate in four major projects each year. Projects will be determined by Renewanation.

  • Present our magazines, books, and other resources to key people in your community and beyond as requested by Renewanation.

  • Represent Renewanation at conferences, churches, etc., by setting up and running booth displays etc., This could include travel to places where Renewanation speakers are presenting and assisting them in managing the details of the event and providing customer service at the booth.



  • Must be a published writer of a book(s) or article(s) that has relevance to the cause of Renewanation and can be used to promote the work of the organization.



  • Individuals used to speak for our conferences, etc., or individuals who are skilled enough to speak for Renewanation at other types of events i.e., banquets, churches, etc.

  • Individuals who we recommend to speak on certain topics.



  • Individuals who are gifted at researching and helping Renewanation team members to prepare new articles, speeches, etc. 




  • Renewanation has been built on the commitment of individual donors who have provided millions of dollars in fuel to drive the mission forward.


  • Businesses that commit to use a portion of their profits to advance the cause of giving children a biblical worldview through the work of Renewanation are key to our success.


  • Foundations provide consistent and stable funding for the work of Renewanation.


Organizational partners have been one of the greatest keys to the success of Renewanation. These partnerships function best when both organizations benefit significantly from their involvement with each other. We will promote all organizations with which we form a reciprocal relationship. We currently partner with the below organizations:

  • BJU Press

  • Answers in Genesis

  • Awana

  • The Collingsworth Family

  • Christian Healthcare Ministries

  • National Center for Life and Liberty

  • See complete list here